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The Thirsty Barista is a novel concept coffee shop and tea room by day which transforms into a laid back, yet distinctive wine bar at night.

You can sip on a range of fine tea brews and premium coffees – both sourced from around the world – while also enjoying the scrumptious bakes of the day.

Throughout the day, a variety of food will be served, from breakfast pancakes and waffles to an exquisite variety of savoury foods for lunch. Thus, The Thirsty Barista is the place which caters to your every gastronomical need and should be your pitstop when going to or from Gozo.

The Thirsty Barista is situated at the heart of the idyllic village of Mellieha. Locals and tourists alike can come in to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee while they wait for their device to charge, catch up over an afternoon tea with old friends, or make new ones while socialising at wine tasting events.

The Premises

The premises of The Thirsty Barista are centrally located on the main road in Mellieha and are situated on the ground floor level opposite the Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa. They feature a concept café and tea room which also serve as a lunchtime bistro and a wine bar in the evening.

The idea behind The Thirsty Barista stemmed from that of a coffee shop but with a flair for a sophisticated taste. It stands apart from most coffee shops around the island, in that our premium coffee beans are directly sourced from locations such as Guatemala and Brazil, making for a unique blend and unrivalled coffee drinking experience not yet offered in other cafeterias.

Premium, freshly roasted coffee will not be the only outstanding thing on offer. One can also find scrumptious breakfast items such as pancakes and freshly made waffles, decadent delicacies like ice cream, and freshly baked sweet and savoury goodies.

If coffee drinking is not your thing, or if you simply wish to cut down on your caffeine intake, we also have a wide selection of freshly brewed teas and infusions to choose from. We source the finest quality tea leaves and blends from beyond our shores to ensure the best tea drinking experience for the real connoisseurs.

Complementing this, The Thirsty Barista also provides a full English afternoon tea, complete with sweet and savoury bites and scones. Our highly qualified staff is there to serve you an impeccable afternoon tea experience for you to be delighted with.

As evening draws in, patrons at The Thirsty Barista will also have the opportunity to taste some of the best local and foreign wines which were specially hand picked to complement our wine list.

Wine tasting events will be regularly held for beginners and connoisseurs alike to enjoy and experience the different wines we have on offer. On other nights, patrons can sip on their preferred wine, pairing it with a carefully prepared platter of food.

The Food & Beverages

At The Thirsty Barista, we offer a rich variety of snacks and food, all of which are prepared according to the time of the day, in order to always guarantee the utmost satisfaction to our patrons who walk in for either breakfast, lunch or afternoon teas and snacks.

You can drop in early in the day for a mouth-watering breakfast of our freshly baked pancakes and waffles, washed down with premium, internationally sourced coffee that helps you start off the day in the right mood.

If you feel peckish around lunchtime, we invite you to sit back and enjoy one of the savoury items in our selection, such as our delicious fresh sandwiches, baguettes and ciabattas.

On the other hand, if you fancy an afternoon snack, you can drop by for a coffee-infused ice cream or a typical English afternoon tea, complemented by premium infusions of tea sourced from around the world, all freshly brewed for you on order.

The Surrounding Area

The Thirsty Barista is set against the idyllic and charming background of Mellieha village in the North of Malta. Even though it’s not one of the busiest areas on the island, Mellieha still has a lot of unique places of interest to offer in its vicinity.

Perhaps most famous of all are the sought-after beaches in various spots along the surrounding areas, such as Mellieha Bay, Paradise Bay, Armier and Little Armier Bay, and Golden Bay among others.

If you prefer doing something other than sun worshipping, or the weather is simply not ideal for beachside activities, you can enjoy the typical Maltese countryside with its variety of flora and fauna, at the Majjistral Nature and History Park. You are also free to enjoy the rare habitat at the Ghadira Nature Reserve, the only place in Malta where you can go bird watching.

Another noteworthy gem worth a visit in the area is Popeye Village, the original film set for the 1980 production of Popeye, starring Robin Williams. The area has been maintained as the setting to the film, and both young and old can enjoy the entertainment and shows put up daily.

Apart from being an interesting destination spot in itself, Mellieha is also very often the stopover point for those travelling to and from Gozo. The Thirsty Barista is centrally located on the well frequented main road, making it the ideal place to stop and recharge with some premium coffee or freshly brewed tea before or after a long trip, or the spot to grab a delicious meal before continuing your northbound journey.

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